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“There is Nothing I can learn From Zari Apart From Dating Younger Boys” – Zahara Totto


Media Personality, Zahara Totto believes that there nothing resourceful she can learn from Socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan other than dating younger men.

Zahara Totto ,shared these sentiments , which are sure to leave Zari Hassan in tears ,when speaking in an interview with local television station.

On number of occasions Zari Hassan has been attacked for falling in love with men who more younger but she is always defensive about her decision stating that why the society is always so quick to judge older women who get into relationships with younger men, but at the same time see no problem when it is an older man in a relationship with a woman who is way younger than them.

And the recent attack is from Zahara Totto whom she referred to as a “cougar” suggesting she may be trying to relive missed opportunities from her youth, emphasizing the consequences of such choice and that she can’t gain any valuable lessons from her.

She further questioned why a 45-year-old woman would continue to pursue younger men when she could easily find companions her own age.

“Some individuals resort to dating younger men because they missed out on certain experiences earlier in life. They should have pursued relationships with younger individuals during their prime but instead opted for older partners for financial reasons. Now, they’re facing the consequences of their choices,” Zahara stated.

This verbal attacks isn’t new territory for Zahara Totto and Zari Hassan, who have a history of trading bullish words and body-shaming each other in the public eye and we are yet to hear Zari Hassan’s response to Totto’s sentiments

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