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Three Killed in Koboko Road Crash


Three Killed in Koboko Road Crash
PHOTO — X/Asiku Innocent

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On March 7, 2024, tragedy struck the Koboko-Oraba Highway in Koboko District as a fatal road crash claimed the lives of three individuals and left four others severely injured. Eyewitnesses recounted the harrowing incident, detailing how the driver, traveling at a high speed, lost control of the vehicle and collided with a pavement before overturning and rolling several times.

The eyewitness described the horrifying scene, recalling the vehicle speeding past before witnessing its abrupt loss of control and subsequent rollover. Despite efforts to rescue the occupants, three individuals tragically lost their lives in the crash.

According to Koboko District Traffic Officer Edwin Kushaba, the accident occurred at Pakayo Village, Midia Parish, Midia Sub-county, reportedly caused by mechanics conducting a road test. The vehicle involved, a black Toyota Wish, was carrying seven occupants at the time of the accident, including the driver, Bernard Akuma, who died at the scene. Another victim, 2 -year-old Eyoti Caesar, succumbed to injuries at Koboko Hospital, with one additional individual remaining unidentified.

Survivors of the crash have been admitted to Koboko Hospital and Mungufeni Medical Center, receiving urgent medical attention for their injuries.

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This tragic incident adds to the concerning statistics of road crashes in Uganda. Recent police reports revealed that during the previous week alone, 77 individuals lost their lives, and 399 sustained injuries in separate road accidents across the country. The report highlighted a disturbing trend, with motorcyclists and pedestrians comprising a significant portion of the fatalities.

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Further analysis from police data released last month indicated an increase in road traffic crashes in 2023 compared to the previous year. With 23,608 crashes reported to police, including 4,179 fatal incidents, 12,487 serious accidents, and 6,942 minor collisions, road safety remains a critical concern requiring concerted efforts to mitigate risks and prevent further loss of life on Uganda’s roads.

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