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Thugs arrested after getaway motorcycle runs out of fuel during chase by locals


Two thugs have been arrested after their getaway motorcycle ran out of fuel during a chase on one of Kampala streets.

The incident happened last week at around 8pm when a 16 year old Congolese national who was speaking on the phone while walking on the road in Kanakulya zone in Makindye division was attacked by two thugs moving on a motorcycle.

They snatched the smartphone on which he was communicating.

“The suspect pursued the suspects and was joined by the community . The suspects’ motorcycle later run out of fuel and they were arrested,” Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire said.

He noted that as the mob ganged onto the two suspects, one of them, identified as Reuben Mucunguzi managed to escape leaving his colleague, Martin Mushengerera being beaten.

Police say, that Mushengerera was later taken to Nabisaalu police post for detention.

Meanwhile, as part of investigations, the owner of the motorcycle was tasked to produce the other suspect, leading to the arrest of Mucunguzi and detained at the same police station.

Incident takes new twist

However, according to locals, upon Mucunguzi’s arrest, he was severely beaten by the Officer in Charge of Nabisaalu police post who kicked him .

Owoyesigyire said on Monday that two days later, the suspect became ill while in custody and was late rushed to Mulago for medication from where he was pronounced dead.

The Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson said they have started investigations into circumstances leading to the death of the suspect where one of their own is accused of having participated in beating him.

“We are yet to ascertain whether his death is anywhere related to assault by officers. We are putting inquiry on officers who are accused of beating him .We shall go back to the scene, get details and statement of what happened on the fateful day from residents and the area local leaders. We shall also record statements from those who saw officers beating the suspect. We are doing as much as possible to see whoever is behind the death is held accountable,”Owoyesigyire said.




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