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Tia Kemp Fires Shots at BossMan Dlow Over DM Claims


Tia km doesn’t just Target her ex Rick Ross online her Rants and attacks can apply to pretty much anyone moreover she found a new subject to pounce on after she heard rapper boss man blow claiming that she got in his DMS on clubhouse this week Camp took to her own social

Media to drag him online and to try to set the record straight clapping back with some claims of her own one of these is that D actually tried to get her in his music video but couldn’t afford to do so wanting to take advantage of her

Viral videos as of late to boost his profile overall it all seems quite Petty and claim-based but fans are eating up te Kemp’s unfiltered takes and sessions online unfortunately a lot of that comes at the cost of a healthy post breakup relationship with Rick Ross as they’re

Still airing out a lot about each other as of late it’s even extended into their family and each new development in this regard makes the situation that much nastier to witness nevertheless we’re sure that that each party is getting the attention they want right now or at least what

They think will help them make their case Tia Kemp calls cap on Boss Man Low’s DM claims not only that but these claims of who’s trying to sleep with who and who succeeded in the rap World extend far beyond boss man low for example Tia Kemp

Also made the claim that her ex Rick Ross slept with Gucci Main’s wife Kesha kaare while he was in prison unsurprisingly Kesha denied these claims but Kemp doesn’t seem to mind all the backlash and is happy to keep spreading her version of events as for the MC’s themselves everyone’s been pretty tight

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Lipped about all this and just waiting for the tide to pass over meanwhile few celebrities can escape Tia’s wrath as JayZ Shannon sharp DJ colled and Moore got a bizarre IG roast from her the other day it’s clear that she will always aim to defend herself and stick

Up for her perspective online which is at least admirable to witness hopefully the seasand assist threats taunted down a bit though on that note for more news and the latest updates on t

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