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Tia Mowry Reveals Why Cory Hardrict Is Demanding Millions


Seven months after announcing her separation from her husband Corey hardrict he and Mal re-finalized her divorce Tia and koi entered into a written agreement regarding their property and marriage or domestic partnership rights including spousal support the former spouses will also continue to share legal and physical custody of there too

Children cree and Cairo however shortly before the divorce was finally finalized Tia shared an emotional Instagram post revealing that the experience was some of the hardest moments of her life over the past few months Tia and Coy’s marriage seemed perfect from the outside because Tia never missed an opportunity to publicly praise

Corey he taught me how to believe in myself I don’t know I’m about to cry more than I believe in myself is like my biggest supporter so cry you’re my biggest fan tier announced in October 2022 that she had filed for divorce from Corey many fans

Jumped to the commons to say that they had always had a bad feeling about Koi Koi announced the separation via Instagram sharing a black and white photo of her and koi were the caption that read these decisions are never easy and not without sadness we will maintain a friendship as we co-parent our

Beautiful children since tear didn’t reveal the reason she decided to end her marriage rumors started popping up if someone had an affair Corey clapped back at one fan on IG and said the cheating rumors were lies as for tea or she initially didn’t want to address all the speculations however she eventually

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Started dropping hints that koi was holding her back and that she had to leave him to understand her work Corey signed a prenup back in 2008 that said he wasn’t entitled to spousal support from Tia he still went and filed new papers in court questioning the validity of the

Prenup many fans said that Corey is definitely a narcissist because he must have known he didn’t stand a chance challenging a prenuptial agreement he agreed to sign one fan said Tia was more than fair with the divorce joint custody no supplies of support Tia also said that no one should

Feel sorry for her because she’s happy and she’s celebrating a new chapter in her life Corey was really using Tia for money or these years let us know in the comments she should have left him at that bus stop where she found him

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