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Tierra Whack’s Reveals Dramatic Turn of Events Behind Beyoncé Collaboration on MY POWER


Tiara wack recently stopped by Hot 97 to speak on her new album worldwide whack and during that conversation she revealed a wild story behind her collaborative track with Beyonce it was somebody we knew that was really on her team she began they’re like yeah she wants you on my power dot

I was like all right send the song Oh it comes out in two days too and it’s like who so we played the song and I was like all right this beats CR asterisk z y I wrote the verse in like 20 minutes we were looking at each other like is it

Good it came so easy we didn’t want to rush a song with Beyonce we don’t want to rush any song but a song with Beyonce you got to be careful so my verse it was an open slot for the last verse Tiara wack continued we send it over and it’s like yo she

Likes it so much she’s going to put it as the opening I was like o s asterisk asterisk T right that’s CR asterisk z y yo and asterisk asterisk asterisk a we made it yeah I never told anybody this but I’m a tell y’all this we sent our

Rough and then we were like yo before it comes out we need to hear what the engineers are doing on that side cuz we want to make sure and just be comfortable right we don’t want to hear no effects and and stuff so they sent it back last minute somebody on that side

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Sent it back and my verse was off like offbeat it made me sound like I didn’t know how to rap Tiara wack reveals how Meek Mill saved her and Beyonce’s track my power watch I was so hurt and I was like yo I don’t want to seem ungrateful

I don’t want to like you know what I’m saying I know how to rap Tiara wack went on yeah I said something it took me a few hours cuz I wanted to just make sure I said it right so I didn’t get that right contact to her I think HOV

Switched his number he had a new number by the time I texted him it went green but I have his number today so yeah I got it I’m good I’m still in I’m still cool um so I had to communicate right so what I did was I reached out to Meek

You know Meek that’s like my cousin no like real cousins so I reached out to Meek I’m like yo this happened and I need you to say it for me she concluded so he hit HOV and I guess HOV tapped B like yo whack saying this verse is not right and

Then she made a few phone calls and it was over with it was good it was all figured out then HOV hit me and he’s like I’m I’m glad you spoke up because your s asterisk asterisk T got to be right but the whole world at this moment

Y’all know I can rrap but I was like I got to be right no I was like does this engineer have ears it was so bad like it was so off I changed flows like three times so it all has to match for more on Tiara wack Beyonce Jay-Z and me

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