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Tonny Drilleba Exits City Oilers Amidst Growing Exodus


City Oilers have confirmed the departure of star shooting guard Tonny Drilleba on Sunday, marking another high-profile exit from the club within a fortnight.

Drilleba follows in the footsteps of teammates James Okello and Jimmy Enabu, whose departures were announced last week.

Drilleba’s exit ends a nine-year tenure with the Oilers, which began in 2015 when he joined from then lower division team Abacode.

Widely regarded as one of the best players in the division, his departure leaves a significant void in the Oilers’ roster.

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During his time with the team, Drilleba secured seven league titles, cementing his legacy as a pivotal player in their successes.

The Oilers’ management now faces a critical period of restructuring, as the departures of Drilleba, Okello, and Enabu have sparked concerns about the club’s future competitiveness.

The recent spate of exits has fueled speculation of internal discontent among the players.

City Oilers General Manager Grace Kwizera addressed the rumors, stating in a recent interview that Enabu and Okello had received lucrative offers from clubs in Burundi and Rwanda.

However, the reasons behind Drilleba’s departure remain unclear.

Drilleba, who first made headlines as the 2011 National Schools MVP with Mengo SS, will not feature in the local league this season due to the closure of the transfer window.

As the Oilers grapple with these significant roster changes, opponents including KIU Titans and Nam Blazers will fancy their chances to dethrone a ‘dictator’.

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