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Torrei Hart Points Finger at Jalen Green for Draya Michele’s Controversial Relationship with Houston


Tor Hart says that jayen green is to blame for Drea Michelle’s controversial relationship with the Houston Rocket star after Michelle announced she was pregnant with the 22-year-old child users on social media accused her of being a predator Hart says green was just looking for some of the cougar I

Mean listen I’m not mad at Drea at all Drea yeah everybody in an uproar talking about oh my God she old enough to be his mom oh my God his mom probably watched Basketball Wives yeah his mother did Watch Basketball Wives and he probably watched

It with her she said and that’s why he went after Drea he wanted some of the cougar he wanted some of that cougar snatch he wanted some of that don’t get it twisted listen if he wanted to pull out he would have pulled out he did pull

Out that cougar had him in a choke hold dream Michelle watches Jaylen green play the Lakers on Saturday Michelle celebrated International women’s day by reflecting on motherhood she says that it gives her purpose in life as women we navigate through so much often leading us to question what is my purpose she

Began the post for me the magic lies in motherhood and the a inspiring ability to bring life into this world over the span of two decades it’s my superpower and if anything can surpass the one of being a woman it’s the privilege of bringing another woman into

Existence we are Overjoyed to share our love for you little girl I am excited to speak words to the daughter I never thought I’d have we are anxious about your arrival but take your time this world can be tough but know you are being brought into a space of Love security and

Adornment # 28 weeks # s months #c coming May 2024 #g girlmom cor Hart speaks Andrea Michelle jayen green romance check out Hearts take on the age gap between the two soon Tobe parents above be on the lookout for further updates onrea Michelle and Jaylen green on hot new

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