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Twitter Sparks Potential Beef Between Ice Spice and Megan Thee Stallion Fanbases


A new beef might Brewing between the fan bases of ice spice and Megan the stallion if ice spice who is a new artist is untalented BC she has one flow and she twerks on stage what does that make of Megan a Nicki Minaj account wrote sparking tensions between the two

Sides the Tweet quickly spread across musical Twitter garnering nearly 100,000 views in a few hours and garnering responses from both sides an actual performer who can do more than just scream gr one fan retorted when was the last time bigfoot was spotted on Spotify chart an anti- Nikki account shot back

Isis giving Sai with the same flow in every song and no stage performance Sai was killing it in 2020 but she fell off BC she wasn’t talented that’s what going to happen to ice another person concurred how do you feel about the situation let us know what you think in

The comments ice spice goes after lto however ice spice has her Focus set on a feud with L spice renewed her beef with the Columbus femc during a space’s AMA this week while answering fan questions spice went off about lto playing the music video for pretty girl

In the background of a recent video why am I in the back of your week a snippet I thought it was fake I thought it had to be AI but no like be bold but if you’re going to talk about me then talk about me why am I in the back of your

Weak Ace it spice sounded off to the collection of shocked listeners this latest barrage from the Bronx rapper comes after she dropped thank you the fart in which she took direct shots at L it’s still unclear what caused the beef to initially kick off however fans immediately Drew battle lines lto is yet

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To directly respond to both spice’s new single and the latest comments about the surprise cameo in her latest snippet who side are you on let us know in the comments

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