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Tyrese Announces Album Beautiful Pain Amid Breakup with Girlfriend


Tyrese has had plenty of public ups and downs over the past few years and it looks like he’s now got one more of each to add to his list on Sunday February 11th the actor and singer took to Instagram to share a trailer for his upcoming album Beautiful Pain

Simultaneously he shared that he had broken up with girlfriend zely Timothy because of that very album me and zely just broke up over some dumb he captioned his post she demanded that I cancel my album because there’s too many songs about my ex on there does

That even mean the ex in question is Samantha Lee with whom Tyrese recently went through a messy and ugly in Le words divorce Tyrese began his video by apologizing to Cat Williams 50 Cent and Kanye West all of whom he’s had high-profile exchanges within recent years 50 Cent Cat Williams Kanye forgive

Me I used you for clickbait he said the trailer shows footage of a number of stars who it’s implied appear on Beautiful Pain these include Lenny Kravitz Will Smith Snoop Dog and El de barge it also contains news coverage of the singer split with Lee and his mother’s death in February

2022 Beautiful Pain is available for pre-order for a limited time at Tyrese’s website the site says that the album will be released in May last year Ty told Kenny Burns about the album saying that it was inspired by his trouble with Lee I want to give y’all the heads up

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Tyrese told Burns last February for all of the Uber sensitive people one thing y’all not are gone do whether I’m a man a woman black whatever y’all not going to be able to stop me from speaking walking and living in my truth and if your brain is triggered by a man having

Real conversations about his thoughts and his feelings and what he experienced and you look at that as bashing or tearing down someone because they happen to be a woman then your whole process is is wrong he continued because my ex is doing miracle Mondays all over Instagram

Taking shots at me every day called my current girlfriend a jezebel I just want y’all to keep the same energy with people being able to express themselves she’s allowed to feel whatever she want to feel she can use whatever platform she want she can write a book do a

Podcast I wish her well but if you can express your thoughts and feelings and play victim then I can express my thoughts and my feelings through my music through me writing books me doing interviews and you got to hold that the way I got to hold that because it’s

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