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Tyson Fury Postpones Fight Against Oleksandr Usyk Due to Training Injury


Tyson Fury has postponed his February 17th against Alexander yusk after suffering an injury in training I am absolutely devastated after preparing for this fight for so long and being in such superb condition I feel bad for everyone involved in this huge event and I will work diligently towards the

Rescheduled date once the eye has healed I can only apologize to everyone affected including my own team team YK the undercard Fighters partners and fans as well as our hosts and my friends in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Fury said in a statement for the British fighter he suffered an orbital laceration while

Sparring Fury and yusk signed fight contracts last year for the first Undisputed heavyweight fight in boxing for belt era Fury currently holds the WBC belt while yusk holds the WBA ibf and WBO belts Fury and yusk were originally scheduled for April 2023 with a fight slated for London’s Wembley

Stadium however the fight fell through at the last moment instead whisk fulfilled his mandatory WBA defense against Daniel Duboce in an August fight in Poland meanwhile Fury has not fought since beating Derek kazora in December Francis ganu wants Tyson Fury rematch meanwhile yusk is not the only

Person looking to fight Fury the rematch is what I want next the most as for right now I feel like there is a lot of options for me but I want to Choose Wisely and I would go for the rematch first GNA told TMZ last November GNA defied the odds to earn a

Split decision lost to Fury in their fight even Fury gave the former MMA fighter props he’s given me probably one of my toughest fights in the last 10 years he’s a good boxer he’s a lot better than I thought he’d be and he gave me a good fight Fury said after the

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Bout despite Fury standing date against yusk y wants his rematch first my best scenario in boxing is to wait for Fury if Youk can step out and let me fight Fury I’ll fight Fury then I’ll let them do whatever they do I’ll go back maybe do some MMA fight and come back with

Some people in boxing genu explained all of this now remains up in the air following Fury’s withdrawal formed the US

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