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Uganda and South Sudan Collaborate to Combat Trans-Border Fraud


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John Musinguzi, the Commissioner General of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), engaged in discussions with Africano Mande, his counterpart from the South Sudan Revenue Authority to address trans-border fraud in a recent meeting in Kampala.

Mande’s visit to Kampala centered on deliberations regarding the implementation of a new cargo tracking system aimed at curbing fraudulent activities.

Highlighting the primary objective of the initiative, Mande emphasized the need to eliminate fraudulent practices, particularly instances where individuals falsely represent themselves as government officials to extort money from traders. The discussions took place at the URA Head offices in Kampala on Thursday, March 7, 2024.

Expressing his vision for revenue collection, Mande underscored the importance of authorities being directly involved in revenue collection at entry points. This strategy, he explained, would empower them to clamp down on imposters posing as government representatives.

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As South Sudan gears up to adopt the cargo tracking system, Mande expressed his intent to draw from Uganda’s experience, particularly its successful implementation of an electronic cargo tracking system. He emphasized the importance of identifying gaps in customs procedures to optimize the system effectively.

To ensure seamless integration and acceptance of the new system by all stakeholders, Okaka Geoffrey, Assistant Commissioner Field Services at URA, highlighted the importance of conducting comprehensive sensitization programs. These programs will target various stakeholders, including associations, transporters, and taxpayers, to familiarize them with the new procedures.

In his remarks, Musinguzi commended South Sudan for fostering a positive relationship and reiterated URA’s commitment to supporting its neighbor. He stressed the importance of collaborative efforts in combating revenue leakages, emphasizing that both countries stand to benefit from policies aimed at fostering mutual growth and eliminating illicit practices.

This collaborative endeavor signifies a significant step towards bolstering revenue collection in Uganda, as it aims to close loopholes exploited by fraudulent activities.

Through joint efforts and cooperation, Uganda and South Sudan seek to create a more secure and transparent trading environment for the benefit of both nations.

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