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Uganda Cricket Association inaugurates new CEO


John Walusimbi

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | John Walusimbi is the new Chief Executive officer- CEO of the Uganda Cricket Association- UCA for the next three years.

Walusimbi, a former Senior Operations Manager at KCB Uganda Limited, takes over the role from Alan Mugume who has served the Uganda Cricket Association as CEO since July 2022 before he resigned last year.

Mugume tendered his resignation citing personal reasons before the Board Chairman Nuwagaba also resigned citing the same although Nuwagaba revoked his resignation later.

But, while both officials cited personal reasons for their resignations, URN reported that there was an alleged rift within the upper ranks of the association regarding the renewal of Cricket Cranes head coach Lawrence Mahatlane’s contract, which expired in October last year.

Sources URN talked to indicated that both Nuwagaba and Mugume were in favor of renewing Mahatlane’s contract, while several other board members vehemently opposed the idea and proposed that the South African coach depart urging that keeping him around would cost the association, a decision that was finally taken.

Walusimbi now takes over the role in a historic year for the association with the participation of the Cricket Cranes at the T20 World Cup in June this year. “We are delighted to announce John Walusimbi as our CEO for the next 3 years.” Reads a statement from UCA.

UCA Chairman, Nuwagaba says that the board has full confidence in Walusimbi and looks forward to greater heights under his stewardship at the Secretariat.

Walusimbi said that his primary vision is to increase international recognition and operational excellence from national, and regional to international fame.

“I will build on past achievements, and leverage innovative programs and strategic partnerships to elevate Ugandan cricket globally. I am excited to embark on this journey and grateful for the opportunity to serve” John Walusimbi – CEO of Uganda Cricket Association.



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