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Uganda Martyrs Day Celebrations, Some Trekking Pilgrims Have Already Arrived.


Pilgrims from Kenya are already in Uganda for the 2024 Uganda Martyrs Day celebrations in Namugongo.

These Anglican Pilgrims arrived on 21st May in Uganda and though they looked tired, they were all proud to have made it to Uganda and all the difficulties they endured on their journey.

Some pilgrims of the Catholic faith have also arrived at their shrine and some of them confessed that they used public transport to get to the venue because they had some personal prayers they wanted to have, before the shrine is filled up with other pilgrims.

Other Pilgrims from Kabale and Nebbi are also started their trekking sometime back and they are expected to be in Kampala by Tuesday.

These children, men and women of faith are celebrating the lives of 22 Catholics and 23 Anglicans who were killed on orders of King Mwanga.

In 1977, Alexander Mackay of the British Church Missionary Society arrived in Uganda, on a said invitation of Kabaka Muteesa I of Buganda and they were later joined by the Catholic White Fathers from France exactly after 2 years.

The King was still attached to the Islam since they came first in Buganda through the trading they were doing in Zanzibar and later in Buganda.

In 1884, Kabaka Mwanga became the King and the influence of these foreigners intrigued him, leading to the exectution of the likes of Yusufu Rugarama , Makko Kakumba and Noah Serwanga.

It is important to note that Muslims were killed first before the Anglicans and Christians, though it is purportedly said that they were killed in Muteesa’s reign.


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