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Uganda to Send Two Youth Delegates to United Nations General Assembly


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The Ugandan government has announced plans to send two young delegates to participate in the upcoming 79th session in a move to enhance youth representation at the United Nations General Assembly.

Scheduled to commence on September 10 and conclude on September 24, the UN General Assembly will convene in New York, USA.

These two Ugandan delegates were chosen from a pool of 1,000 applicants as part of the African United Nations Youth Delegates program, which encompasses several countries including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Sudan. The selection process aims to provide a platform for African youth to engage in global discourse and contribute to decision-making processes at the international level.

As part of the program, the selected youth will undergo regional training sessions across Kenya, Tanzania, and South Sudan starting in April. Linda Asaba, the country program coordinator and head of the United Nations Association of Uganda (UNAU), disclosed that these training sessions will equip the delegates with necessary skills and knowledge to effectively represent the interests of young people from various countries.

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Following the regional training, the delegates will collaboratively formulate mandates addressing the concerns and aspirations of youth from diverse backgrounds. These mandates will be presented by the Ugandan delegates at the UN General Assembly, providing a platform for youth voices to be heard on a global scale.

Asaba revealed these details during an event held in Ntinda on Friday, March 8, where 20 youth participants completed a week-long training program aimed at familiarizing them with the workings of the United Nations. She noted that this delegation marks the second cohort of Ugandan youth to represent the country at the UN, with the first cohort having done so in 2013.

The participation of Ugandan youth in the UN General Assembly is part of broader efforts by the United Nations to address the underrepresentation of young people from the Global South, including developing countries like Uganda, in international affairs. Asaba emphasized the significance of this program in providing opportunities for youth engagement and fostering dialogue on critical issues affecting their communities.

Funded by Germany’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the program enables youth delegates to engage with diplomats, ambassadors, and heads of state during side events at the UN General Assembly. Previous delegates focused on topics such as unemployment and youth participation, reflecting the program’s commitment to addressing pressing global challenges through the lens of youth empowerment and inclusion.

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