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Uganda’s Best Magicians Part 1


And put them here one two three four five six seven eight nine ten uh I want you to do count the machine count them again count them again count them again so let them be facing up like put them um yeah let them be facing up at least

You memorize Some Cuts I put them like here one two three four five six seven eight nine ten yes um I’m going to do even if um let us count them again okay this is one touch and feel if it is one five yeah it’s one

It’s one up down okay is it two thousand feet if it is yes this is the second can you continue counting and doing the same three time okay so right six seven eight nine two ten ten okay can you put them in your pocket actually I should touch you okay now uh

From one to five say any number four okay four and you’re going to keep that number nothing should happen I don’t want to try it from one place from 1 to 57 number okay five so you’re going to take me count you say one two three

Four five you stop there as I’m flipping a cat one two okay okay one two three four five okay take the card that you you stopped that okay show the head the camera yeah so good okay can you put it back whenever you want we are doing that we are increasing the

Cuts yes are you done okay yeah okay good good uh let me see I make sure I should not touch you okay yeah okay now I’m gonna do simple simple simple magic okay this is not the head you picked okay yeah okay so I’ll put

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That there now uh what time did you pick you see your hearts okay um what I will do I will increase your cuts by three who has the cards in the pocket yeah what you have how many Cuts ten the last three that is okay watch one

Two the third one can you pick it pick it take it take it take it put it in his pocket that’s the third one now you have how many cuts did I touch you no can you count the cards and we see one by one yeah

Okay can you touch it again on top just all of you touch uh what what number did you think of last time for four so if we have 13 plus four how many do we Seventeen okay watch one three the fourth yeah you can just come again what huh

One two three four five six seven eight nine ten yeah um what cut did we put there seven of what spin what kind have you picked at first I smell okay guys this is

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