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Upholding Source Confidentiality: Uganda Parliament Exhibition


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Dr. Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

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Jimmy Spire, a key participant in the ongoing Uganda Parliament Exhibition, has brought attention to a concerning issue regarding the distribution of funds. Spire has reported witnessing demands for the disclosure of a list containing the names of Members of Parliament (MPs) who allegedly received 50 million Ugandan Shillings on Thursday and Friday. While acknowledging the importance of concrete evidence and the desire to hold accountable those responsible, Spire urges caution in handling this matter to avoid being manipulated by the perpetrators themselves.

The process of distributing these funds is shrouded in secrecy, making it challenging to gather evidence directly from the recipients. While MPs acknowledge receiving the money, they are unable to provide photographic evidence due to the discreet nature of the transactions. Instead, it is often the assistants tasked with collecting the funds who may offer insights. Spire received videos depicting the exchange, allowing him to capture images of the money, but sharing the videos would risk revealing their sources, as background conversations could be traced. Some assistants mentioned the MPs they collected the money for, but requested anonymity, while others indicated which MPs’ names were already marked off on the list. Given the inability to access the official list, publicly naming the MPs could result in denials and accusations of defamation.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence that can be made public, Spire remains confident in the veracity of the events he witnessed. His decision to tweet about the issue was not to provide specific details but rather to raise awareness and prompt further investigation by trusted journalists. Spire assures the public that more information will surface soon, vindicating their concerns. He encourages individuals with access to MPs to discreetly inquire about the matter and expresses hope that it will be discussed on platforms such as Capital Gang, potentially involving Hon. Ssemuju and Hon. Katuntu. Spire believes that with time, the full extent of the situation will become clear.

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