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Vinka Reveals How She Met And Fall In Love With Baby Daddy Nelly Witta


Swangz Avenue singer,Nakiyingi Veronica Lugya alias Vinka has come out and narrates the beautiful story of how she met and fell in love with her baby daddy Nelly Witta.

While speaking in her recent interview, ” Love Panic” singer disclosed that her Journey with husband Nelly was full of twists and turns that eventually led to their union.

The stressed that their love Journey kick started in Dubai on trip, where destiny brought them together in an unexpected encounter, that it was her friend who played the role of intermediary between the two, hinting that Nelly had feelings for her ,evident in the way he gazed at her.

Despite this development, Vinka remained indifferent as she never welcomed Nelly’s shot to her at that time.

As time passes ,three years later, the intial spark between them simmered quietly in background. However ,destiny had it’s own plans, and through a third party,Nelly for the courage to express his true feelings for Vinka but initially Vinka who had refused to consider Nelly’s request , eventually warmed up to ideal, allowing love to blossom between them .

Their love Journey took an unexpected twist when Vinka found herself pregnant with their Child. Embracing their newfound roles , they took next step in their relationship as they legalized it with Introduction Ceremony.

Vinka & Husband Nelly Witta

“The story of how I met my husband is a dear one to me. We met in Dubai where I had gone for a show. A friend of mine told me that he was in love with me but I brushed it off because I didn’t rate him. Later, through, my friend, he confessed but I dissed him still. One, two, three years passed and I finally gave in. He did me well, I became pregnant and now I’m a mother. I love him so much.”,she narrated.

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