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Visiting Zambia’s Main Broadcaster The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC)


Hello guys uh welcome to the tin media YouTube channel my name is De gracias hopefully you find please subscribe to this channel for more uh when it comes to the world of entertainment CED News sports and uh basically any type of news that comes away anyway today I’m going to be

Talking about my tour in Zambia and um there are some of uh uh a few aspects that I had left out uh to talk about in my previous videos that I made when I was I was at Roma so um while I was at Zambia while I was in Zambia I managed

To meet one of the uh most respected radio presenters uh Professor Lance that uh you know linked up to his guy in Zambia and we made a very big tour at the Zambia main Broad Caster so first and foremost I would love to thank everyone that uh you know made sure the

Mass media complex in laka uh had to happen to give a platform to very many journalists that uh you know have a talent and also Broadcast News plus uh making sure that the local people get the information greetings to one the late his Excellency Dr Kenneth David kaunda

That made sure the mass media complex in laka had to happen you know he put a founding Stone there so uh to everyone that works at the mass media center uh it’s a big deal for them here in Uganda we have the UBC that is a main uh

Broadcaster but uh while at the mass media center I managed to go to the Z NBS maybe Zambia National broadcaster uh we had a uh tour through um at the TV we made a tour through all around the the capital laka and uh we managed to see very many places as you

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Can see them on your screen right now anyway um I managed to visit the memorials of the Kenneth kaunda where he was buried but I’ll be giving you in a thorough video uh with a lot of information about each president that we visited keep uh locked on this channel

As I bring you my tour my concrete tour plus information about my tour in Zambia and uh you know the people that we met and made a place uh made laka home for us I visited all these places KY of Professor Lance and the friend and I

Want to thank everyone that managed to help help us uh visit these places this is tin please subscribe to this channel leave a comment just in case you in laka or you planning to visit laka uh never know you know I can give you a hints on where to start where to

Go and who to contact in case of um any th communication thank you so much subscribe to this channel leave a comment and more is about to come I have very many stories about the the international airport we visit the cemetery so I’ll be giving you more

Details in uh more videos to come leave a comment subscribe like share for more thank you is is

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