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Vitamin B should be consumed for strong memory and brain health


Vitamin B should be consumed for strong memory and brain health

Vitamins are very important for the continuity of healthy life. Stating that insufficient vitamins can cause many health problems, Anadolu Health Center Nutrition and Diet experts said, “Vitamin E protects the heart and vitamin A protects eye health. Vitamin D contributes to muscle development, and vitamin K contributes to blood clotting. “Vitamin C protects against infectious diseases,” he said, explaining vitamins and their benefits.

Vitamin A for eye health

The most essential vitamin to maintain eye health is vitamin A. Vitamin A, found in carrots, parsley, dill, nettle, chard, fresh mint, yellow pepper, apricot and arugula, fights infections, strengthens the immune system and plays an important role in maintaining skin health.

Vitamin D should be consumed with sunlight

Vitamin D, which is very effective in the treatment and protection of bone health, reduces bone loss, ensures muscle development and strengthens the immune system. Potatoes, a source of vitamin D, should be consumed with sunlight.

Vitamin E against memory problems

Vitamin E strengthens the immune system. Vitamin E, found in pine nuts, apricots, pumpkin, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and beans, is also very important for heart health, in addition to strengthening immunity. Vitamin E also strengthens skin and skin health, provides preventive treatment for diseases and eliminates memory problems due to aging.

Vitamin K accelerates wound healing

Vitamin K is very important for bone health. Vitamin K is abundant in Brussels sprouts, lettuce, spinach, turnips, beets, chard, kale lettuce and asparagus. Vitamin K is also very useful for blood clotting in cases such as injuries and cuts.

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Vitamin B for memory and brain

Vitamin B is important for growth and development as well as memory and brain health. It prevents anemia by strengthening the immune system. Vitamin B is found in animal foods, plums, potatoes, broccoli, peas, asparagus, bananas and avocados.

Vitamin C against infectious diseases

Vitamin C regulates blood pressure and protects against infectious diseases. Vitamin C, which is also good for iron deficiency, helps weight loss and is also important for dental health. Red pepper, parsley, turnip, lemon, cabbage, kiwi, strawberry, blueberry are foods rich in vitamin C.


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