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Wack 100 Reveals Dice Game Altercation Between Offset And 42 Dugg Sparked Lil Baby Beef – The Hoima Post –


The ongoing feud between Offset and Lil Baby was reportedly ignited by an incident where Offset punched 42 Dugg during a dice game, as disclosed by Wack 100 on his 100 ENT show. Wack claimed to have witnessed the altercation three years ago, which he intervened to prevent from turning fatal.

Detailing the events, Wack explained that the dispute arose during intense dice games involving thousands of dollars per hand. When Dugg wanted to stop playing, Offset insisted, stating, “‘As long as it’s my dice, you got to shoot.’” The situation escalated when Dugg walked out of the studio, leading to a physical confrontation.

According to Wack, Offset took matters into his own hands, going through Dugg’s pockets, taking his money, and physically confronting him. Wack intervened, preventing further escalation, emphasizing that the incident could have resulted in multiple fatalities if not diffused.

Wack 100 asserted that this incident marked the beginning of the beef between Offset and Lil Baby, attributing it to 42 Dugg’s affiliation with Baby’s 4PF imprint. The feud allegedly intensified in 2020 when rumors circulated about a scuffle involving the crews of Offset and Lil Baby, with claims of a chain being snatched.

However, Lil Baby dismissed the rumors as “fake news.” Last year, the apparent tension resurfaced when Lil Baby seemingly took a jab at Offset amid the Migos rapper’s legal dispute with Quality Control Music, to which Baby is also signed. Lil Baby addressed the speculation, downplaying any issues with Offset and Migos.

Offset later settled his lawsuit with Quality Control, resolving a disagreement over the rights to his solo work. Despite rumors, Lil Baby maintained that he has no ongoing issues with Offset or the Migos, emphasizing his reluctance to comment on internet chatter and downplaying any perceived tensions between them.

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