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Wendy Williams Docuseries Sparks Controversy Amid Legal Battle Over Guardianship


Fans have been up in arms about lifetime new docuseries where is Wendy Williams since before it was even released early previews gave viewers an intimate look at some of the personality’s most vulnerable moments she opened up about her financial struggles clashed with her staff and more it didn’t help that only days

Before the first episode of the doc came out it was revealed that Williams was diagnosed with dementia and Aphasia in 2023 of course this prompted even more suspicion that the icon was exploited by producers though they deny knowing of Her diagnosis before filming last month Williams temporary Guardian Sabrina morresy filed a lawsuit

Against lifetimes parent company in an attempt to prevent the doc from coming out ultimately her attempt was unsuccessful now however previously sealed documents from the suit have been unveiled the docs revealed details of Williams current condition as well as Morris’s argument read more Wendy Williams reportedly owes over

$500,000 feds hit her with tax lean Sabrina morrisy claims Wendy Williams needs daily supervision Willamina celebrates 50th anniversary with co-host Patty Hansen Wendy Williams attends the 50th anniversary celebration of Willamina with co-host Patty Hansen on November 14th 2017 in New York City in her suit morrisy claimed that Williams

Wasn’t capable of handling her own business Affairs when she signed the contract she also said Williams couldn’t handle her executive producer role to ensure she was portrayed in a dignified light according to her Williams needs constant supervision to ensure her safety well-being and comfort and to preserve her dignity morrisy maintains

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That the docuseries was pitched to her as an uplifting comeback story she also claims that she believed she’d have an opportunity to watch the Final Cut before it aired obviously that didn’t happen and countless fans and Pier think producers did the Beloved talk show host dirty what do you think of where is

Wendy Williams what about her guardian’s unsealed lawsuit share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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