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What causes breast deformity?


What causes breast deformity?

The breast, which has an important place in women’s health, is an organ whose main function is to secrete milk. The breast, which changes from time to time under the influence of different hormones in different periods, can cause some discomfort and diseases.

Asymmetrical Disorder in the Breast

Disturbingly different shapes and sizes of the two breasts may be a sign of serious diseases, as well as being aesthetically disturbing. Breast shape changes may occur due to many reasons. Developmental disorders, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding period and hormonal changes can cause disorders in breast asymmetry. Another cause of breast deformities is cysts. The cysts that form may be benign or they may be a symptom of breast cancer. In case of abnormal growth or deformity of the breasts, a doctor should be consulted. If the underlying cause of the asymmetrical appearance of the breasts is not tumor formation, the treatment of breast asymmetry can be planned by the plastic surgeon. By ensuring that the two breasts are symmetrical with quality silicone prostheses compatible with the body, the aesthetically disturbing asymmetrical appearance can be eliminated.

What Causes Depression in the Breast?

Breast depression is the inward collapse of the nipple. The nipple being sunken or buried inwards may be due to structural reasons. There is a muscle layer under the pink or brown skin area around the nipple, and milk ducts under the nipple. If the milk ducts are structurally short or the muscle around the nipple is wide, it may cause depression or depression in the nipples. Infection and inflammation in the breast tissue that develops later, excessive weight gain or loss, breastfeeding, breast trauma or breast cancer may cause the nipple to sink inward. If the nipple collapses slightly, the tissue around the nipple may come out when pressed. However, in case of progressive breast collapse, the nipple does not come out despite external interventions and is completely buried.

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How to Identify Cancerous Breast?

Breast cancer occurs as a result of the uncontrolled proliferation of cells in the breast tissue that form the milk duct and milk-forming cells. Early diagnosis of breast cancer, which constitutes approximately 33% of cancer types seen in women, increases the success of treatment.

Breast cancer symptoms:

  • Palpable lumps in the breast that are firm, painless, do not move or move, and grow over time
  • Visible increase in breast size or changes in shape, asymmetrical disorders in the breasts
  • Orange peel-like structures on the breast skin, small swellings, collapse of the nipple, vascular dilatation, bruising and redness
  • Enlargement, discoloration, flattening, scars and cracks in the pink-brown area of ​​the nipple and surrounding area
  • Discharge from the nipple (may or may not be bloody)
  • Swellings in the armpit that can be noticed by palpation (may or may not be painful)


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