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What is clinical pilates and what are its benefits?


What is clinical pilates and what are its benefits?

Clinical Pilates, which emerged as a result of the adaptation of Pilates, whose popularity has been increasing in recent years, by healthcare professionals, makes a difference in the treatment of diseases. Anadolu Health Center Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, Chiropractor Prof. Dr. Semih Akı and Physiotherapist Rabia Fındık say that clinical pilates can be used in diseases such as low back pain, neck and back pain, posture disorders, orthopedic injuries, neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s, rheumatological diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, joint diseases, spinal curvatures and pregnancy. They said it was widely practiced. Here is the information we provided on the subject…

What is clinical pilates?

The Pilates method is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. This method, which started to be used by dancers in the 1980s, was re-adapted by healthcare professionals in the 2000s and was named “clinical pilates”.

There are eight key principles of the clinical Pilates method. These; focusing on the spine, concentration, breathing control, control of movements, stability, fluidity in movements, isolation and repetition of movements. When these principles are applied correctly in the exercise program, strengthening and support is provided in the spine and supporting muscles. In Pilates, this is called the “powerhouse”. When applying clinical pilates, the aim is for the powerhouse to function properly in all exercises.

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What diseases is it used in the treatment of?

Such as neck and back pain, especially low back pain, posture disorders, orthopedic injuries, neurological diseases (Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s), rheumatological diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, joint diseases (osteoarthritis), spinal curvatures (scoliosis), pregnancy. It has found widespread application in specific diseases.

What are the benefits of clinical pilates?

The areas where Pilates is effective are increasing day by day. While Pilates exercises increase spine flexibility, joint movement, muscle strength, organism’s endurance, circulatory and respiratory system capacity, they also provide motivation, focus and feeling energetic. With the correct use of Pilates principles, the spine and surrounding muscle groups are controlled, posture disorders are corrected, and the use of arms and legs, body awareness and body balance are improved.

How many times a week should it be done?

If done regularly, it is seen that body structure, ideal posture and self-confidence in oneself and body increase. It should be applied for 30-45 minutes at least 2 times a week (ideally 3-5).

Is it recommended for all ages?

There is no age limit in the clinical pilates method. It is recommended under the supervision of a doctor in many different areas and in different age groups, thanks to its compliance with the treatment principles and taking into account the body structure and existing diseases.

Is there a patient group you do not recommend?

Those with heart and lung diseases, pregnant women at risk of premature birth, and people with serious health problems are the patient groups for which we do not recommend pilates. Apart from these, people with any physical illness or pregnant women can start Pilates with the approval of their doctor.

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What kind of equipment is used in clinical pilates, also known as “pilates with equipment”?

Pilates with equipment is generally known as “reformer”. It has been expanded with different equipment and exercise diversity has been provided. Reformer is a structure that is moved by a plane placed on wheels and springs. The tension of springs has different levels of resistance. It has adjustable features according to the person’s weight, height or working degree. Tower is the vertical part of the reformer device, also called the tower. Cadillac is the name given to the equipment that allows you to exercise while hanging, lying or standing, thanks to the bars on the top, unlike the reformer and tower. Combo-cadillac is the name given to the pilates machine that includes all reformer, tower and cadillac parts.

Is it done for weight loss purposes?

Clinical pilates exercises are effective on muscle strength, flexibility and endurance, especially in the spine area. In order to lose weight, it is necessary to work with a good diet program and follow up for a long time. Pilates; Since it is especially effective on spine health, it is an important application method in terms of correcting posture disorders, taking the current posture to ideal levels, and creating a healthy and self-confident appearance for the person.


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