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What is Infertility? In Vitro Fertilization Treatment in 10 Steps


What is Infertility? In Vitro Fertilization Treatment in 10 Steps

Nowadays, the number of couples applying to in vitro fertilization centers to have a baby is not small at all. With the increase in the number of couples applying to the centers, in vitro fertilization methods are constantly improving and success rates are gradually increasing. Anadolu Health Center In Vitro Fertilization Center Director Assoc. Dr. Tayfun Kutlu with Women’s Health, Obstetrics and In Vitro Fertilization Specialist Op. Dr. Ebru Öztürk Öksüz gave some suggestions to couples who want to have a baby. Here are the things that couples should keep in mind before starting in vitro fertilization treatment…

Infertility is not just a problem you experience.

Infertility, which prevents having children, is a very common health problem today. Infertility, which affects one in every six couples, may have various causes. Infertility, which is a very common problem in men as well as in women, occurs very frequently, especially due to unhealthy living and nutritional conditions.

In vitro fertilization treatment requires patience

In in vitro fertilization treatment, the egg taken from the woman is fertilized with the sperm of the prospective father in a laboratory environment and the fertilized egg (embryo) is transferred to the mother’s uterus at the appropriate stage. In this process, the treatment period may be extended since conditions such as the medications that the expectant mother must take for a while, the ovulation period, the embryo reaching a certain stage before transfer, and the passage of a certain period of time for it to adhere to the uterus are taken into account. The treatment method and duration are determined individually for the couple. In vitro fertilization treatment is usually completed in 2-3 weeks. However, in some cases it may take up to 4-5 weeks. Therefore, it is beneficial to be patient.

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There are various in vitro fertilization methods, these are determined individually for the couple.

There is no single in vitro fertilization method. There are many developed methods, and these are determined according to the expectant mother’s age, weight, health status, lifestyle, and even the father’s sperm quality. There is no single “super method” that suits everyone. It is important not to take hearsay information seriously and to consult a physician on any issue you may have.

The age of the woman is important

The age of the woman plays a big role in the success of in vitro fertilization treatment because the number and quality of eggs decreases with age, reducing the chance of having a baby. If possible, it is better not to exceed the age of 35 to have a baby. However, there are successful in vitro fertilization methods that can be applied to people over the age of 35.

Reproductive health in men is also negatively affected over time. Especially due to the decrease in testosterone levels, the body produces less sperm, reducing the chance of having a baby. Additionally, sperm quality decreases with age in men.

Treatment should not be delayed

Couples who want a baby are recommended to consult an in vitro fertilization center if they cannot have a baby despite unprotected sexual intercourse for a year. If the woman is over 35 years old, it is useful to limit this period to 6-8 months. The earlier the cause of infertility is detected and treatment is started, the higher the success rate.

Treatment can be repeated

Pregnancy may not occur in the first in vitro fertilization attempt; When the treatment does not result in pregnancy, the physician may decide to apply the same treatment again or a different treatment method. Couples starting in vitro fertilization should also prepare for the possibility that they may go through several in vitro fertilization attempts to avoid disappointment.

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Frozen eggs are also of good quality

Egg freezing is recommended for women who are at risk of losing their eggs due to any disease, as well as for all women who have postponed their pregnancy plans or whose egg reserves have started to decrease. Thanks to developing technology, the quality of frozen eggs does not deteriorate when they are thawed, and women can become pregnant with these frozen eggs when they are considering pregnancy. There is no marriage requirement for women to freeze their eggs.

You may have twins

In the past, more than one embryo was transferred to the mother’s uterus to increase the chance of success in in vitro fertilization treatments. However, in order to prevent multiple pregnancies and protect the health of mother and baby, the Ministry of Health has long allowed the transfer of a maximum of two embryos. In this case, you may not have triplets or quadruplets, but you have the chance to have twins with in vitro fertilization treatment. Because while the probability of a woman getting pregnant naturally to give birth to twins is around 3 percent, this rate is over 30 percent with in vitro fertilization treatment…

Nowadays, a maximum of two embryos are allowed to be transferred to the uterus, but the chance of pregnancy does not decrease here. Thanks to developing technology and medications, it is now possible to achieve pregnancy even with a single embryo transfer.

Success rates are high

Thanks to developing technology and medicines, the chance of having a baby with in vitro fertilization treatment is increasing day by day. As success rates increase, the treatment process becomes less troublesome for couples. It is worth emphasizing that, thanks to more effective and less side-effect treatments, there is no serious decrease in the quality of life of couples, especially expectant mothers.

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Morale is important

As in every treatment, psychology is of great importance in in vitro fertilization treatment. Keeping morale high, not focusing only on the treatment, continuing daily life, hobbies, etc. while the treatment is ongoing. It’s important to stay busy. It is wrong to demoralize couples who have gone through unsuccessful in vitro fertilization attempts as an example. Because each couple’s treatment is unique. A method that doesn’t work for a couple may work for you. For this reason, it is important to approach events positively and seek professional help when necessary.


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