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What Would Be The Cause Of The Rampant Attacks On Kampala Streets?


Ever since this year started, we’ve been seeing different videos circulating allover social media, showing innocent people being kicked and hit by young men.

Surprisingly, this is usually done even in public, where bystanders end up doing nothing, even after witnessing the attacks on fellow citizens. But what would be the cause?

Double crossing from the people we make business with is one of the major cause of these attacks. These thugs come knowing what you have and chances are high that they get that information from people you were with earlier or those close to them.

The flashy lifestyle most young people want to live on the expense of others. The young men who engage in such acts, their life is all about bars and the street. Most of them know nothing about working for themselves and the only way to sustain their expensive lifestyles is through theft.

The ex – convicts who are sent back to the public without rehabilitation and with no clear follow up plan on their conduct when they are sent back to the public. This is one of the major causes of these attacks because these people come back and re connect with their fellow criminals that they left on the streets and they start from where they stopped.

Uganda Police Force it’s self. They use these criminals to get intelligence information from their fellow thugs, which in the long run makes them feel like they are also part of the force since whenever they get arrested, they always have a certain OC or CID they work for, that will always come to their rescue.

Violent crime can only be stopped if the community and the law enforcers work together through empowering the communities on their role and by getting rid of the corrupt officers out of our forces.


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