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Why NUP’s Nation Wide Tour Is Likely To Die Prematurely?


As you might all be aware that the National Unity Platform’s Nation Wide Tour was set to start on 22nd in Kamuli, but they were blocked from accessing the planned venue by Police and even some of their advance team members got arrested.

Yesterday, the NUP leaders again tried to go to Pallisa, but this time round, they were were blocked before even crossing river Ssezibwa.

In all this, Uganda Police is claiming that despite the fact that the NUP secretariat wrote to them, they had no right to kick off their tour before hearing back from them (Naguru Uniformed Guys).

This got me thinking whether Uganda Police is finding ways of keeping NUP and it’s leaders on our screens and print media or the leaders of NUP are the ones who are strategically smart when it comes to keeping themselves relevant?

The truth is Kyagulanyi has the ability to pull a big crowd wherever he goes, but one mistake they are still doing is their failure to work within the law.

I think the learned people Kyagulanyi works with should be aware that when you write to someone and they don’t reply you in the time frame you expected or gave them, you do some follow up either by writing, phone call or a physical one. My question to the NUP secretariat, did you do a follow up on your letter?

The fact is we’ve lost so many young people to violence, some are rotting in prisons and others are still nursing permanent wounds that they are likely to go with in their graves.

Yes,I am very well aware of what it takes to fight a dictatorship, but if NUP leaders cared about their people, they would have come out openly in the media as they did while mobilizing them  to follow their trails and openly told the people, “We have written to police but they have remained silent even on our efforts of follow up (If you did one), but those who would wish, you can join us tomorrow as we full fill our constitutional right as a political party.”

What NUP leaders did this week was like sending people’s children, parents, brothers and sisters into an arm-bush. True leaders resist when there is a valid cause and they always keep their people in the know. You thought what was accountability?


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