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“You Are Irresponsible Mother And Bedwetter” – Zari Hassan to Zahara Totto


For along time ,there has been an exchange of words between media personality Zahara Totto and Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan.

The two perhaps don’t wish to meet each other at any function and all they care about is insulting and mocking each other each chance they get.

While appearing for an interview on woman’s day, Zahara Totto questioned Zari Hassan’s dating preferences and lifestyle choices as she expressed concern about her preference for younger men.

The statements that Zahara Totto made rubbed Zari Hassanthe wrong way which forced him to respond to the remarks.

In her response, Zari not only challenged Totto’s credibility as mother but also revealed a person detail about her past bedwetting.

She further criticized Totto’s parenting and perceived lack of responsibility towards her Children.

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