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You can be discharged on the same day with wrist angiography (radial angiography).


You can be discharged on the same day with wrist angiography (radial angiography).

Angiography, which is of great importance in determining cardiovascular diseases, offers great convenience to patients with its application performed from the wrist. With this method, angiography surgery becomes easier and patients do not need to be hospitalized. Anadolu Health Center Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ertan Ökmen shares important information about the curious things.

What is wrist (radial) angiography?

Using the wrist vein in the treatment of heart-related problems is a method that reduces unwanted complications after the procedure. Unlike the groin vein, the wrist vein is very close to the skin surface and can be easily entered even in obese patients. Due to its proximity to the skin and the bone tissue behind it, compression can be easily applied to close the entry hole after the procedure. Bleeding can be controlled very easily.

How is angiography performed on the wrist?

In wrist angiography, the subcutaneous area of ​​the person to be performed angiography is anesthetized and the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Since the incision is very small, the patient does not feel pain. The procedure is performed through a very small incision of three mm and leaves a scar the size of three or four pinheads. The risk of complications related to the entry site in wrist angiography is less than 1 percent. After angiography, the important thing is to tighten the entrance area. The main process is to close the three mm hole opened for the catheter to enter the vein. Problems arising from the entrance area are due to this hole not being closed properly.

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If vascular occlusion is detected during wrist angiography, can a stent be inserted immediately?

If there is a critical stenosis that cannot be left, it is suitable for opening with a balloon and stent; Then it can be opened with a stent and treated. For example; Stents can be placed at the same time in patients who have a heart attack or in cases that are seen to be very critical during angiography, even though nothing has happened. It can be applied with the same method, in the same way, on the same day and in the same session as angiography. If that critical stenosis cannot be easily opened, it may be preferable to place a stent by making preparations beforehand.

How long does it take to recover after wrist angiography?

The patient, who underwent angiography on the wrist, can return home on foot after the procedure. In his daily life, he can do anything that does not strain his arm. It is not recommended to take a bath without removing the bandage unless it is necessary. There is no special nutritional regimen that needs to be followed due to angiography, but there are things that need to be done regarding the result of angiography; If there is blockage in the arteries, a diet called a heart protection diet that is low in cholesterol, low in salt, free of fats and based on vegetables and fruits should be followed. But if the results are normal and cholesterol is not high, a special diet is not recommended. For all angiograms, it is important for people to drink plenty of water after the procedure, because this ensures that the dye given to the patient during the procedure is easily removed from the body. For this reason, patients are asked to drink approximately two liters of water until they leave the hospital and are asked to continue this when they go home.

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What should be taken into consideration after wrist angiography?

The patient should not strain himself too much. You can use your arm, eat, or drink coffee or tea. Just be careful not to lift anything heavy. Although the incision is a very small hole, it is aimed to close it in a short time. Although no patient has ever come in due to bleeding, sometimes bruising can occur if the bandages are tight and the patient lies on his arm without realizing it. However, when you correct your position, this bruising disappears.

Can the patient return to sexual life immediately after wrist angiography?

It is difficult for sexual life to continue in its normal course during groin angiography. However, it can be moved much more easily when done from the wrist. Although it is not recommended for patients to return to their normal sexual life the next day, there is no harm in having sex.

If a stenosis is detected during angiography, how should people be guided towards their sexual lives?

If the result is stenosis, the stenosis needs to be treated before patients can return to their sexual lives. Due to existing vascular disease, the timing, duration, amount and number of sexual intercourse should be considered. If a critical stenosis occurs, sexual intercourse is not recommended until the stenosis is treated. If there is no critical stenosis and the angiography is normal, there is no restriction on sexual life.

Who cannot undergo wrist angiography?

Wrist angiography cannot be performed on patients undergoing dialysis or those who have trauma to their arms following any accident or injury.

Can angiography be performed on the wrist several times?

Yes, it can be done. In such a case, the procedure can be performed by entering half an inch above the cut area in the previous application. As another method, it is also possible to apply the procedure to the wrist on the opposite side.

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Wrist angiography provided great comfort

The problem that Ahmet Yiğit, who worked as an automation chief in a private company, had in his cardiovascular system arose as a result of a coincidence. After the examinations performed during the hernia surgery, his physician said that angiography was required due to some points in the results. Ahmet Bey tells what he experienced after that:

“I was aware of the importance of the situation because my mother and sister had angiography before. That’s why I wanted to have surgery in a place where I felt safe. As a result of the examinations performed at Anadolu Health Center, it was understood that angiography was required. Frankly, we didn’t think it would be this easy based on our previous experiences. We were expecting to lie down for hours with sandbags to press on. But none of this happened. We arrived in the morning and after the examination, I was taken into surgery. The transaction was completed in a very short time. “It was as if angiography had never been done.”

Difference between groin angiography and wrist angiography

64-year-old Ömer Esir is one of those who prefer to have his angiography performed on his wrist. Ömer Esir, who went to the doctor three years ago for shortness of breath, was told that he should have angiography immediately. Thereupon, an angiography was performed on Ömer Esir’s groin, and it was determined that three of his veins were blocked.

Ömer Esir, who got sick again three years later and therefore applied to Anadolu Health Center, was advised to have an angiography from the wrist, stating that this time it was much more comfortable and practical. When Ömer Esir, who has had both angiography experiences, is asked to compare the methods, he explains the following:

“As a result of the angiography, it was determined that two of my veins were blocked and one was disturbed, and it was understood that I needed to have bypass surgery. This situation is sad, but thanks to the wrist angiography procedure, I went through this process very comfortably. I had no pain. I had more pain during the angiography I had in the groin three years ago. It was also harder to stop the bleeding. There was bruising and swelling in my groin. Also, I had tremors in my groin. I had to lie down for 4-5 hours. However, I was more comfortable thanks to wrist angiography. I didn’t have any bruising or bleeding. “I was able to get up and go home immediately.”


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