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You want me to resign and go where?- Speaker Among tells ‘naysayers’


The Speaker of Parliament Anita Among has said he wont heed to calls by “naysayers” to resign from her position.

“Those people who say I should resign, did they put me as the Member of Parliament? My voters are here. And my President who supported me is supporting me. And I want to ask you people of Bukedea to pray for our President. Pray for your country, pray for your speaker,” Among said.

He was on Saturday addressing voters at Apopong Primary School in Kolir, Bukedea District after entering her particulars in the NRM register.

Among has in recent weeks been under the spot over “unnecessary expenditures” and blowing taxpayers’ money.

Netizens, especially on social media  have since asked Among to resign following the exposure that depicted huge sums of money she has spent on unnecessary items.

However, speaking on Saturday, Among said those who want her to resign have a hidden agenda of reclaiming her seat.

“Maybe I am a better asset than them. They want me to resign and go where .When you see what is being done on social media, it is being done by homosexuals. By the grace of God, those who think that they are going to continue fighting us will be put to shame. And I am not going to come down on the issues of homosexuality. I will continue condemning them,”Among said.

“The issue of fighting me on social media and then you say Anita resign, resign and go where.”


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