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YSL RICO Trial Continues With Testimony From Co-Founder Trontavious Stephens – The Hoima Post –


The ongoing YSL RICO trial has taken an unexpected turn as co-founder Trontavious Stephens, who had previously accepted a plea deal, gave his testimony. In court, Stephens emphasized that YSL is primarily about the music, not engaging in criminal activities. His agreement with the prosecution requires him to testify truthfully without invoking his Fifth Amendment right, but he skillfully evaded questions about snitching, stating that the term holds no personal significance to him.

In a video clip from the trial, when asked about the meaning of snitching, Stephens responded, “It doesn’t mean anything to me, but I’m aware of the term.” Prosecutors pressed him on the definition, but he maintained that it holds no personal significance while acknowledging his awareness of the term.

Young Thug, who has been in custody for over a year and a half, remains optimistic about the future as the trial progresses. Despite the legal challenges, Thugger is actively teasing a new creative project – a clothing brand – on his social media platforms. As the YSL RICO trial unfolds, fans and followers await further updates on both the legal proceedings and Young Thug’s new venture.

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