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Yung Bleu Launches Moon Boy University, Investing Millions To Support Creators – The Hoima Post –


Yung Bleu is making waves in the creative world as he unveils Moon Boy University (MBU), a comprehensive platform designed to offer diverse services to creators, including influencers. The Mobile, Alabama native has invested nearly $3 million of his personal funds into the project, which encompasses an expansive facility spanning over 24,000 square feet. MBU is set to provide marketing, distribution, and management services catering to both artists and influencers.

According to a press release shared with HipHopDX, Yung Bleu expressed the motivation behind MBU, stating, “Many influencers have a great following, but sometimes we lack the resources to create professional production. Professional production costs. They have amazing ideas, [and] we come in on the content development side to where okay, you got the following. You got ideas, you just need to have the backing. We’ll shoot whatever you want to do. Let’s come up with cool ideas with our creative and marketing team and actually produce.”

He emphasized the uniqueness of MBU, stating, “You’re not giving in to what the major label would want. On the other side, another agency will connect you to stuff, but they’re not really touchable. Not only do we have branding, but we have a hub to where you can come down and meet with our team in person. All other creators. Our team is tangible and touchable; that’s what sets us apart.”

In addition to providing opportunities for musicians and influencers, Yung Bleu has committed to investing more than a million dollars of his own money into content production over the next two years.

Announced in August 2022 and completed in February of the following year, MBU features multiple recording studios and goes beyond, incorporating amenities like a bowling alley, a basketball court, a pool, a sauna, a massage area, meeting rooms, bunk beds for collaborators, a master suite, a gym, a theater, a cooking area, and a rooftop bar.

Sharing a virtual tour, Yung Bleu wrote, “It’s official! This is what I’ve been working on! My label @moonboyuniv Headquarters/Studio opens in April located in the Atl area. We are looking for TALENT and Staff! TAG an artist, Producer, Writer, filmmaker I should sign to my company! Watch how we take this Moon Boy Brand global. I also want to make this space available for artist creators to book and get a crazy vibe while y’all being creative! Something I wish they had at most studios. STAY TUNED.”

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