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Yung Bleu Playfully Extends Moon Boy University Invite To Boosie Badazz Amidst Feud – The Hoima Post –


Boosie Badazz and Yung Bleu’s ongoing beef hasn’t deterred the latter from extending an unexpected invitation to the Louisiana native for a visit to Moon Boy University. Yung Bleu recently spoke with TMZ about the expansive campus he established to educate the next generation of rappers, addressing the question of whether Boosie would be welcome despite their prolonged feud.

Laughing at the notion, Yung Bleu remarked, “You funny, man. Maybe, everybody is invited. I’m going to have everybody coming through there. Like, I got so many people ready just to come through and see the studio and vibe out.”

While it may seem unlikely that Boosie would take up the offer, the rapper has recently reconciled with someone else he was at odds with. Boosie had disclosed being estranged from his mother amid legal conflicts with his brother and Yung Bleu. However, over the holidays, they reunited, with Boosie sharing a photo on Instagram and expressing the significance of honoring parents.

While the resolution of the beef between Yung Bleu and Boosie remains uncertain, Boosie’s recent statements suggest a shift away from engaging in conflicts in 2024. “I ain’t even got no opps no more,” he assured followers when threatened by Wack 100. “I ain’t in no beef with no n***as.” Whether Boosie will take up Yung Bleu’s lighthearted invitation to Moon Boy University remains to be seen. Share your thoughts on this playful exchange in the comments section below.

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