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1 ADF Rebel Killed in Joint Uganda – DRC Operation


Joint UPDF And FARDC Operation Kills One ADF Rebel In Maserekwede, Ituri Province As Hunt For Remnants Intensifies
PHOTO — UPDF News Portal

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One member of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorist group was killed in Maserekwede, located within Ituri Province in an operation jointly conducted by the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) and the Armed Forces of the Democratic Forces of Congo (FARDC).

The primary objective of this ongoing operation is to entirely eradicate the presence of terrorists who have fragmented into smaller groups consisting of 5 to 7 individuals across four designated sectors of the joint operations.

Major General Dick Olum, commanding the Mountain Division and overseeing Operation Shujaa, is strategically positioned in sector four at Luna, which serves as the operational headquarters. From this location, he coordinates the pursuit of the remaining terrorists.

Additionally, the collaborative efforts of the UPDF and FARDC led to the recovery of further weaponry from the ADF insurgents. During a skirmish in the Kasongo area of Ituri province, one PK machine gun, one Sub Machine Gun (SMG), and one hundred rounds of ammunition were seized.

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The consistent depletion of weapons and ammunition represents a significant setback for the ADF, an organization affiliated with Isis, as they rely heavily on these resources for their sustained existence and operations.

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