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Dokolo OWC Progressive Farmer Pledges Land Donation to Museveni for Fruit Factory


Eilu Matayo, a model farmer under OWC/NAADS, on his mixed farm at Kangai Town Council in Dokolo District on Friday. Photo by Okidi Patrick.

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A 65-year-old model mixed farmer from Dokolo district, under OWC/NAADS, has pledged to donate land to H.E. President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta. This act aims to facilitate large-scale fruit farming for the benefit of the people in the Lango sub-region, ensuring easier accessibility.

Matayo Eilu, born in 1958, discontinued his education after completing P.3. He was inspired by H.E. Gen. Yoweri Museveni Kaguta’s message, which he heard on the radio, preaching about the four-hectare model during 2013-2014.

He also mentioned reading about the Harvest Moni Expo in the New Vision publication. Eilu credited the late OWC coordinator for Dokolo district, Col. Agong, for inspiring him through Museveni’s wealth creation initiative.

Currently, Eilu’s farm boasts a total of 386 Kunu orange fruit stems, along with other varieties such as Valencia, Washington novel, Amulin, and ordinary lemon. He plans to install a 40,000-liter water reservoir tank.

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Eilu confirmed that the project received significant support from the Ugandan government under OWC/NAADS, facilitated through the production department of Dokolo district. However, he expressed marketing challenges, citing limited local market access within Dokolo town council and Lira city via motorcycle.

Eilu highlighted the absence of a nearby fruit factory as a significant obstacle, requesting President Museveni’s assistance in establishing one in Kangai town council. This move aims to address issues of value addition and long-distance access to fruit processing facilities outside the Lango sub-region.

Obongonyinye Charles, a 53-year-old resident of Adyeli cell, Angwenya ward, Kangai town council, praised Eilu’s contribution to fruit farming and urged the government to support him in marketing his products.

Others, such as Ekori Denis, a 54-year-old farmer from Kangai town council, expressed readiness to apply lessons learned from Eilu’s farm if adequately supported. Meanwhile, Okabo Rogers, a 33-year-old resident of Kangai town council, commended President Museveni’s initiative and criticized local leaders for neglecting their community.


Alobo Jenifer, a 58-year-old woman from the same area, noted her employment on Eilu’s farm, where she oversees watering and maintenance of orange, pawpaw, and mango trees.

Eilu currently sells his harvested fruits at 20,000 shillings per bag but faces challenges in marketing due to the lack of middlemen and proper transportation.

He expressed a desire for President Museveni to provide a pickup truck to facilitate farm transportation. Eilu extended his gratitude to Dokolo district leaders, especially RDC Akech Barbra, the district agricultural officer, and extension workers from Kangai, for their frequent visits to his farm.

He plans to construct an iron-sheet house on his farm and intends to venture into fishponds, poultry, and piggery projects before May, alongside expanding his fenced farm.

Eilu acknowledged benefiting from a water-for-production donation, including a 10,000-liter water reservoir tank and 3000-watt solar panels. His fruit garden spans three hectares by four hectares.

He has employed six family members and supported two of his biological children through university using proceeds from his farm sales.

For further inquiries, Mr. Matayo Eilu can be reached at telephone number 0787253641 or via email at

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