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THE RISE & FALL OF Levy Patrick Mwanawasa


Hello guys welcome to the tin media YouTube channel my name is tin Del gracious and I emphasize on please subscribe to this channel like and comment for the world for the latest when it comes to Entertainment Sports and current news on my tour in Zambia I made sure

That I get the best for you and today we’re going to be talking about Levy Patrick Moana Wasa Zambia’s thirdd President Ley Patrick manasa born on the 3rd September 1948 he died on 19th August 2008 he served as the president of Zambia from January 202 2020 he served as the president of Zambia from January 2002 until his death in August 2008 manasa is credited with having initiated a campaign to get rid of

Corruption in Zambia during his time prior to wasa’s election he served as the fourth vice president of Zambia from November 1991 to July 1994 Mr manasa was born in mulila Northern rud Asia as the second of the 10 children he held a low degree from the University of Zambia he worked in a private law farm from 1974 until 1978 where he formed his own Farm Moana wasasa and Company in 1985 Mo Wasa served as the solic general in the Zambian government but went back to Private Practice in 1986 in 1989 he led the legal def team for lieutenant general christone Tempo who was accused by Kenneth K’s government of conspiracy to overthrow the government which was judged as an

Act of treason tble won the case against the state and man’s Fame among the anti opposition grew after Frederick chiluba was elected as president he appointed manasa as vice president in November 1991 Mo Wasa left his farm in March [Applause] 1992 before his party’s convention in 1990 Mo Wasa was widely tipped to become the president of the movement for multi-party democracy AMD but he declined the Tena citing his young age and inexperience he opted instead to stand as the Member of Parliament and won with an overwhelming majority of the popular

Vote on 8th September 1991 M Wasa was involved in a serious traffic accident in which his Aid died on the spot he suffered multiple body injuries and who was flown to Johannesburg South Africa for medical treatment met he remained hospitalized for 3 months a lasting effect of the accident was noticeable in his

Speech a commission of inquiry was set up to investigate who was responsible for the alleged assassination Attempt Wasa served as a vice president until he resigned in July 1994 in 1996 he unsuccessfully contested chiluba for the president of movement for multi party democracy after the loss until the 2001 Election in August 2001 the national executive committee of AMD elected Moana Wasa as it political candidate for the 2001 elections he won the elections held on the 27th December 2001 with a 29 due to Zambian past post system beating 10 of other candidates including two other former vice presidents Moana Wasa took

Office on the 2nd January 2002 however the results of the elections were disputed by the main opposition parties including maoka of the United party for National democracy which many observers claim had actually won the elections both domestic and international election monitors cited serious legalities with the campaign and the

Election including vote rigging biased media coverage and many other issues in January 20 two three opposition candidates petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn manasa’s Victory while the court agreed that the poll was flawed it ruled in February 2005 that illegalities did not affect the result and declined the Petition in February 2002 manasa’s government and file defamation charges against the Zambian post editor Fred M and opposition lawmaker deac Patel for an article in which member quoted Patel calling manasa a cabbage apparent reference to his injuries however in the move Man however in the move man described an attempt to promote National reconciliation Mana appointed a number of opposition lawmakers to his cabinet in February 2003 when we look at uh Moana wasa’s policies foreign investors liked Moana Wasa owing partly to his anti corruption Drive during his presidency zamian received foreign investment the main driver of economic growth was minerals manasa’s policies helped to lower inflation and spread more benefits to the poor tourists and white Farmers

Diverted from a zimba and helped Zambian economy manasa turned the Zambian town of Livingston near Victoria Falls into a tourist Hub Zambia received a relatively large amount of a made debit relief because of the rization and manasa’s stolid efforts moas criticize president mugabi of the neighboring Zimbabwe manasa was

One of the first African leaders to publicly do so manasa sold off cool copper mines to vendata a worthy 25 million us despite an initial asking price of the 400 million ion Us the amount a company made back in around 3 months and was later making a minimum of $500 million Us in profit per year despite its environmental pollution of the local community manasa was open to accepting climate immigrants from kti into Zambia telling a note among that the country

Had plenty of room but a DE was not finalized in April 2006 Mana was experienced a mild stroke on 29th June 2008 while in Shem elaka Egypt for an African Summit manasa was hospitalized due to a second stroke on 1st July International SOS evacuated him by ambulance to France

For further treatment the head of the Egyptian hospital to which monasa was taken said the doctors there had stopped the brain hamage and was in semi contestant State vice president B said his condition was stable and the minister of information Mike mongotti noted that monasa had previously suffered from hypertension due to manasa’s

Incapacitation B became acting president on 3rd July 2008 news outlets began reporting that manasa had died in Paris due to his stroke the story originated at the Johannesburg best 702 talk radio which cited Malone Zaza who claimed to be the head of protocol at Zambian High Commission in South

Africa however the commission denied having someone employed at the embassy with the same name mongot speaking for the government said the news of manasa’s death was false and he urged South African media to show more restraint in its reporting as the reports were spreading South African president tabi called for

A moment of silence in manasa’s memory the South African government quickly expressed regret over his misunderstanding and expressed take his hope for Mo wasa’s Recovery manasa was hospitalized at pass Military Hospital in clate near Paris in a statement on July the 7th 2008 B said that Mo was remained in a stable condition but had to undergo surgery which B described as minor to correct the breathing problem B said on the 8th July that his operation was

Successful and on 11th July B said manoa’s condition was stable and his doctors were satisfied with his current state Benny the MDD chairman for information and publicity subsequently say that that MDD should begin looking for a successor to Mo Wasa as president of the MDD vice president B said on 18th August

That manasa’s condition had suddenly deteriorated and urgent medical intervention was necessary the intervention was successful according to B but manasa remained in serious condition on 19th August a family member who wished to remain anonymous stated that manasa had died earlier that morning the news of manasa’s death was

Confirmed by Banda through a television broadcast on the government owned Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation he informed the nation that manasa had died that morning at the passi military Hospital in Paris expressing a mass grief deep sorrow and declared a national mourning for 7 days and he urged zambians to remain calm and

Mourn our president with Diginity the Buri of manasa occurred on third September at Embassy Park opposite Zambian cabinet office the funeral was attended by the head of the funeral was attended by heads of 14 African States including Becky Robert Moab jaka CH and Many [Applause] H thank you so much thank you so much please subscribe for more as I bring you my journey in Zambia

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