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2023 UACE Results: Over 100,000 Candidates Pass, UNEB Reports


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During the announcement of the 2023 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) results at State House, Nakasero on March 7, 2024, Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) revealed that a significant number of candidates passed the exams. Out of the 109,488 students who appeared for the UACE examinations, an impressive 108,492 students successfully passed, showcasing a high pass rate.

Uneb executive director Dan Odongo highlighted the distribution of passes among candidates, with 52,452 students achieving 3 Principal passes, 28,191 obtaining 2 Principal passes, and 18,624 securing one principal pass. Additionally, 9,225 students passed with one subsidiary, while only 996 students failed out of the 110,553 candidates who registered for the exams.

Odongo emphasized that 99 percent of the candidates qualify for the UACE certificate, reaffirming the consistent performance improvement seen in recent years. Notably, the consideration of two Principal level passes as the minimum requirement for university admission reflects an increase in qualifying candidates, with 80,643 students meeting this criteria compared to 67,815 in 2022.

Furthermore, Odongo highlighted the positive trend in admissions to tertiary institutions, where 90.7 percent of candidates with one Principal and two Subsidiary passes qualify for admission, compared to 89.3 percent in the previous year. Despite the lower number of female candidates compared to males, Odongo noted that female candidates demonstrated better performance, with higher pass rates at upper levels (3P and 2P) and lower failure rates.

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Uneb observed a notable increase in the number of candidates registered for the 2023 UACE exams compared to the previous year, with 12,663 more candidates participating. Of these candidates, 42.7 percent were females, indicating a consistent trend of lower female representation at this level. Additionally, Uneb noted an increase in candidates registered under the UPOLET program, with 24,679 candidates, comprising 22.3 percent of the total candidature, compared to 17,321 in 2022.

Overall, Uneb’s report reflects the success of candidates in the 2023 UACE exams, highlighting improvements in performance, increased participation, and notable achievements among both male and female candidates.

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