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UNEB Findings: 1,000 Candidates Miss 2023 UACE Exams


UCE Odongo resutls UNEB
UNEB’s ED Dan Odongo

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During the release of the 2023 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) results at State House, Nakasero in Kampala on March 7, 2024, Uneb announced that approximately 1,065 candidates who registered for the exams did not appear. This figure marks a slight reduction in absenteeism compared to the previous year, with a 0.9 percent decrease from 2022’s count of 1,333 absent candidates.

Daniel Odong, the executive secretary of Uneb, highlighted this trend, noting that while there had been a decline in registration numbers in previous years, the trend reversed in 2023. Additionally, Odong emphasized a 0.5 percent decrease in overall absenteeism compared to the previous year, indicating an improvement in candidate participation.

Despite the absenteeism, the majority of candidates who sat the 2023 UACE exams performed well, with 99.1 percent qualifying for the UACE award, mirroring the results of the previous year. Uneb’s analysis revealed that 80,643 candidates, comprising 73.7 percent of the total, met the minimum requirement of two Principal level passes for university admission, a notable increase from 2022’s 70.3 percent.

Uneb stressed that the overall performance improvement and the significant increase in exam entries in 2023 contributed to the higher number of candidates meeting university admission criteria. Moreover, for candidates aiming for admission to tertiary institutions accepting one Principal and two Subsidiary passes, 90.7 percent qualified, representing a slight increase from the previous year’s 89.3 percent.

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The release of the 2023 UACE results follows the announcement of the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) and Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) results. A total of 110,569 candidates registered for the 2023 UACE exams, with 43 percent being female and 57 percent male, underscoring the continued significance of these exams in Uganda’s education landscape.

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