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Ashanti Laughs Off Nelly’s Tooth Mishap in Hilarious Video Exchange


Ashanti couldn’t stop laughing at Nelly’s expense after the rapper lost his tooth in Las Vegas during Super Bowl weekend in a video posted on Instagram by Nelly the mypl star shows off his missing tooth to the camera and lets out a whistle before saying I knocked my

Godamn tooth out my mouth he then video calls his girlfriend Ashanti to show her the missing tooth with the R&B singer finding the situation hilarious babe where is it I found it for you when we was in Miami where are the spares she says while laughing hysterically suggesting Nelly has a

Habit of losing his teeth Nelly jokes back there ain’t no spares what the you talking about yo you need to shut the up right now Ashanti replies don’t tell me to shut the up I had some spares for you before coughing from laughter Nelly then asks you still love me to which his

Girlfriend replies yes of course he then jokes you can stick your tongue in it meaning where the Gap in his mouth is fans also found the exchange amusing with one comment saying Nelly showing his age can’t work his phone can’t find his tooth damn another said this is

Hilarious love these two so much Nelly you still find missing tooth and all Nelly and Ashanti originally dated between 2003 and 2013 before reconnecting last year and later announcing they were back together Ashanti’s close collaborator J Rule recently hinted at why the couple rekindled their romance her and my wife they do their

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Haha Kiki iing right and so you can tell sometimes when women want that old thing back he said during an appearance on the Tamarind Hall Show I don’t want to blow sis up but the chemistry was there and I think for both of them it came back

Quick I think they missed each other the the way they clicked just came back so fast Fat Joe also revealed that the two reunited at his 2021 versus battle against jaw which appeared to be the first time they had seen each other in a long while I immediately tell them I

Need 10% of this kid because if it wasn’t for vus that I brought Nelly out during me against jaw rule that’s when they saw each other and energy connected again he joked during a recent Instagram live that’s when he said I got to have her he was over there contemplating he

Really wanted to go over

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