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Machine Gun Kelly Confronted by UFC Fighter Sean Strickland, Called a Weirdo


Machine Gun Kelly got into a confrontation with UFC fighter Sean Strickland who went on to call the rapper a weirdo Strickland who recently lost his UFC middleweight Championship was attending a power slap event in Las Vegas when a video captured him confronting MGK though only parts of the

Tents exchange can be heard in the clip Strickland can be heard calling Kelly a weirdo and mocking him by saying I don’t know who the that guy is I’m easy to find vampire man Strickland then began trolling Kelly on social media writing I almost hit a vampire tonight

Lol they said his name is Machine Gun Kelly how do you have a dope ass name and dress like a 13 goth South Park character he then made reference to his high-profile relationship with Megan Fox you guys what the is going on Transformers Megan Fox is with that

Thing what the actual has happened to the world what did I miss is she okay is this man the devil at Megan Fox are you okay do you need assistance Strickland added someone said be careful MGK doesn’t like when you make fun of Megan what does that even mean do I need

To glue with chips and hollow points do I need to carry a crossbow by a wooden stake is this how I become the new blade M King Ben Kelly has yet to comment on the confrontation or Strickland’s posts us UFC president Dana White did address the incident commenting you can’t bring

Sha Strickland around any other human beings you know what I mean it has nothing to do with Machine Gun Kelly it’s about humans MGK recently had another awkward encounter at a different sporting event the Cleveland native was in attendance at the Brazilian Grand Prix in November when he was approached

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For an interview by British broadcaster Martin brundle the two had a difficult rapport with MGK at one point asking brundle to do an air piano and air guitar collaboration right now which seemed to only confuse the TV host Kelly also revealed during the conversation that former Formula 1 Champion Lewis

Hamilton had been recording in the same Studio as

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