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B G Urges Lil Wayne to Consider Hot Boys Reunion, Stop Playing


BG has sent Lil Wayne a message over a potential Hot Boys reunion telling his former groupmate to stop playing in an Instagram live the New Orleans native who was released from prison late last year made it clear he wants the rap group to reform even though he recently

Dis Wayne say ju there’s people on my line man about this hot boy reunion he said Wheezy stop playing man it’s a big bag involved man you heard me I know you super rich I know you like Taylor Swift Out Chia come on man stop playing man

Let’s get to this bag BG’s plea for a hot boy reunion was met with some criticism from fans given his recent comments about Lil Wayne one said sir you can’t diss the man and want him to help you get to a bag he doesn’t need that bag like you do being humble will

Get you far LOL another joke Wayne be on his mind every second of the day and Wayne just thinking about coochie and drugs BG took aim at his former Cash Money label mate last month on a song with finesse two times called gangsteri my enab boozi

Went home and my dog was steady blowing SL my Ena Weezy steady taring but he’s and it’s showing SL I’m still a living legend don’t act like you didn’t know it he wrapped BG then attempted to clarify his remarks on Instagram live where he said y’all don’t understand

What the be going on you know what I’m saying I tell a Ena I love him and call him a all in the same sentence it’s family business man shout out to my little brother Wheezy I spoke to my little brother last night shout out to shorty man steal my little bro

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Love my little bro this be complicated Birdman has teased a hot boy reunion as part of a potential Cash Money tour in an interview last September shortly after BG’s prison release the record executive said he plans to put up $100 million of his own money to fund the Trek and that the main

Players would be involved however he couldn’t guarantee that everybody would appear seemingly alluding to estranged Cash Money alumnus Turk Birdman also previously promised to resign BG to cash money now that he’s a free

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