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Cam’ron Recounts Tense Encounter with Ben Simmons at NBA Game


Cameron has revealed he almost got into a scuffle with Ben Simmons at a recent NBA game and he wasn’t prepared to fight fair the dipet rapper has been a vocal critic of the Australian point guard over the years regarding his place on the Brooklyn Nets roster during the

Latest episode of his and madala sports show it is what it is killakam detailed his tense run in with Simmons at last week’s Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets game at the arena I was at the Lakers game the game was over he began Ben Simmons didn’t

Even play I forgot Ben Simmons plays basketball I was like damn I forgot this ENG go still in the NBA I was kind of bugging off this the game is over and I’m walking towards him you know how you’re going towards the locker room the VIP entrance he’s standing there and I’m

Trying to get through the he continued he’s looking at me and I’m like I don’t want to have an ice Grill contest with Ben Simmons this is just stupid so I’m looking at him and he’s looking at me now I’m looking like this isn’t going to go good

Because I’m a go crazy my Anga so he looks and comes my way and just walks past me and I’m like why would you play these games with me if you don’t like what I say i’ rather a end God just be like yo cam I wasn’t feeling that

You don’t understand I’m really hurt I’m really going through something then Simmons in case we see each other again just say that you don’t like what I’m saying so I can say I don’t give a and then we can keep it moving he added cam then warned Simmons that he

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Was prepared to buy every damn ticket behind the Nets bench to make the injured point guards life a misery for the rest of the season he also threatened to destroy the basketball players’s knees and sideline him for multiple Seasons those ain’t the games to play

And live in New York at the same time they just not and that’s not a threat I’m just saying that’s the wrong games stop playing games B he said especially when you’re 6′ 10 I’m going for your knees pause and then I’m buying season tickets to the

Nets game I don’t fight fair you don’t know what street I’m from first thing I’m looking for is every loose chair and the garbage Ken is right there I’m looking for every object possible it might be too ending the I’mma do if you think I’m a shoot the fair one you

Out your mind the end got 6’10 back in October 2022 Cameron told Ben Simmons to go with the Kardashians if he had lost his passion for basketballl I’m going to be real brief and short pause Ben Simmons stop wasting my end gas time he said I’m dead

Serious stop playing with my end gas man you’ve got Eng gas playing two on five out there stop playing with Eng gas man if you don’t want to play basketball go to with the Kardashians the Jenners whoever the you with now when we watch it on TV it’s

Like oh it’s all good I went to the game last night and I watched you shoot a airball layup then in March last year cam continued his TI raade by telling Simmons to get the out of New York after losing a bet to mallerie Ben Simmons at this point you costing me


Money he vented I don’t know where you going to go but get the out of New York personally we don’t really want you around you’re a disgrace Philly y’all are suckers for shipping him over to us y’all can take him personally you your whole stock up I don’t know anybody that want

You but you can leave New York you cost

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