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Gunna Allegedly Identified as Crips Member During Ongoing RICO Trial


Donna has been identified as a member of the Crips by a codefendant during the ongoing Rico trial against young fug and his YSL Collective travius slug Stevens who claims to have co-founded YSL young slime life was quizzed by prosecutors in court on Monday January 22nd after accepting a plea deal which required him

To testify though prosecutors have alleged that YSL is a subset of the blood’s gang one of the prosecutors asked Stevens if there were any Crips that were members of the collective he replied yeah the prosecutor then asks him is Ghana a slug immediately replies yeah this is

Not the first time that Ghana’s alleged affiliation with the Crips has emerged back in 2022 the rapper was denied Bond following his arrest in the YSL RICO case partly due to his alleged ties to the Shady Park Crips in Atlanta however Gana attorney denied the claims saying in court my client is not

Involved in any of the so-called Shady Park Crips matters travus Stevens been on the stand for several weeks now and has mostly been an uncooperative witness earlier this month he was the focus of a viral moment of the trial when he was asked about LeBron James and Serena Williams allegedly emulating gang

Gestures the instance involving LeBron was regarding a video of him shaking another player’s hand wiping his nose and saying slime as part of Young Thug defense his attorney Brian steel argued that the handshakes and gestures are simply a part of hip-hop culture while the prosecution alleged that the

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Handshake is a signal between gang members that a rival has been killed to further his argument that the gestures are harmless Thug’s lawyer brought up Serena Williams who famously did the walk after winning the gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London Stevens was asked by the attorney have

You seen her at Wimbledon doing what’s called the Walk do you know what a Walk is first of all slug replied to laughter in the courtroom I don’t watch Tennis Stevens previously identified Young Thug and five other YSL codefendants as gang members the rapper and his legal team claim that YSL stands

For Young Stoner life and is simply a record

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