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Tyrese Responds to Kanye West’s Provocative Post with Beachside Video of Girlfriend Zelie Timothy


Tyrese has attempted to one up Kanye West’s explicit photos of his wife Bianca sori by posting a racy video of his own Leading Lady the singer and actor posted a clip on social media over the weekend of zely Timothy relaxing in a skimpy bikini on the beach and

Frolicking in the sea the post appears to be a reply to Kanye’s earlier Instagram uploading of sorri which showed her in the kitchen wearing a skimpy thong swimsuit with her Dairy air on full display Cream of Wheat ye wrote in the caption of the risque shot Tyrese

Captioned his own post dear Kanye all wheat hold the cream seemingly jabbing the Chicago rap icon for marrying a white woman while he’s dating a black woman the R&B singer also wrote all love just loving on my caramel chocolate much like Kanye West Tyrese was criticized for the Post one

Commenter said showing off your woman like a prize horse for the world to see I don’t agree another added this should not be posted for the world to see very beautiful but for you stop welcoming other men to see what you have protect her and cover her your woman is for you

Not for everybody Tyrese has been dating zely Timothy since 2021 after the two met on social media the 28-year-old model previously made headlines when she revealed that she was more into Tyrese’s late Fast and Furious co-star Paul Walker during an Instagram live last year she said my type was actually Paul Walker

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Rest in peace but Tyrese wasn’t my type at all and my type is not white I’m just saying I was more interested in Paul even when I met Tyrese I was like eh he’s kind of old zely continued adding insult to injury I just like his smile it’s pretty cool his

Personality his person ality was okay Tyrese who was also on the stream responded by saying so you wanted the homie you didn’t want me you said I’m old the couple got over the awkward moment with Tyrese gifting Timothy a Range Rover for her birthday he also wrote a heartfelt message to her which

Read happy birthday I love you so much as I’m screaming happy birthday to you happy birthday doesn’t quite mean to me what it may mean for most me and you both met at one of the most fragile and uncertain moments of Our Lives the actor continued both of us fresh out of

Relationships that we’re sick both 5 years both having live and partners that we shared our lives with both having girls that were sick raising both out here trying to figure out who and what to connect

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