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Beyoncé Transforms into Twitch Streamer in Verizon’s Internet Breaking Super Bowl Commercial


Beyonce has quite literally become a twitch streamer in a new Verizon commercial that aired during Super Bowl 58 the singer starred in an ad for the Telecommunications giant as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers at the allegiance stadium in Paradise Nevada on Sunday February 11th in the

92nd spot Beyonce tries a number of ways to break the internet which includes streaming herself playing video games on Twitch as it turns out the twitch Channel wasn’t just for the commercial as the singer has actually joined the platform under the name I am slay hhdx YouTube video player play button YouTube

Video Beyonce becomes twitch streamer in Internet breaking Verizon Super Bowl commercial after a number of other unsuccessful attempts to crash Verizon’s 5G Network including running a lemonade stand introducing a robot version of herself and running for president the ad concludes with Beyonce saying okay they ready drop the new music sure enough

Moments later she dropped a trailer announcing her new album Renaissance Act 2 which is set to be released on March 29th they then released two new country singles Texas hold M and 16 carriages which are available to stream on all platforms just last week Beyonce fans speculated that a country album was in

The works according to billboard the word around her fan base was that she would be dipping into her Tex and roots for her next project with the series based around her cowgir girlesque outfit at the 2024 Grammys and apparent hints in Renaissance promos the New York Times pop culture reporter Kyle Buchanan

Previously claimed that Beyonce was releasing an acoustic album as Renaissance Act 2 followed by a collaborative album with Jay-Z for the third and final installment in the trilogy the couple previously joined forces in 2018 for everything is love which was released by surprise during their On The Run 2

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