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Kanye West Stars in Low Budget Yeezy Super Bowl Commercial After Blowing Airtime Budget


Kanye West has appeared in a very lowbudget yeeezy Super Bowl commercial after he blew his budget buying the airtime a 30second commercial during the Super Bowl reportedly costs around $7 million making it the most expensive form of advertising in the world the commercial which is believed to have

Aired in Chicago and Miami only saw West filming himself with his phone and talking to the camera while plugging his new sneakers I y’ this Y and this is my commercial and since we spent all the money on the commercial spot we actually didn’t spend any money on the actual

Commercial he says but the idea is I want you to go to YY I’m a WR it at the bottom of the screen and I got some shoes a& M that’s it the Aver appeared to be for the Yeezy pod a sock-like shoe that was unveiled in

December the shoe was originally retailed for $200 but all items on the Yeezy website including merch for his new album with ta DOA sign vultur 1 are currently available for $20 in a clip from his upcoming interview with Justin La boy Kanye West explained the decision to drastically

Lower the price point of his Yeezy items which have previously retailed for hundreds of dollars I’m a bit of a Robin Hood in a way where people can say okay this multi-billionaire spent $4 million on Balenciaga in one year but did I bring the designs back down to earth as

Much as I could because Gap didn’t take it to $20 the way I wanted to cuz they were still trying to protect the classism of the idea of Balenciaga and the idea of Gap West appeared to unveil a different Super Bowl commercial prior to the game that featured a woman

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Running on a treadmill in a wet tank top while his vultures one track back to me played but it doesn’t seem to have been used yes busy weekend began with vultures one finally hitting streaming services but not without issues as it was not initially available on Spotify and was later temporarily removed from

Apple music the album was also the subject of controversy after the estate of Donna Summer claimed that he sampled her classic track I Feel Love without permission on his song Good don’t die Kanye West asked permission to use Donna Summer song I Feel Love but he was

Denied the late singer estate said on Instagram he changed the words had someone resing it or used AI but it’s I Feel Love copyright and fren

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