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Bishop Kiganda uncovered the genesis of homosexuality allegations against the city pastor.


Bishop Kiganda in the new development has revealed shocking information about what transpired way back in 2021 when the young boys who paraded at Miracle Centre Lubaga accused Pastor Kayanja of sodomizing them.

Bishop Kiganda said that it all started when some boys who are said to have been working at Pastor Kayanja’s farm in Kiryandongo came out protesting at Rubaga Cathedral Church claiming that Pastor Kayanja sodomized them and failed to pay them

Watch a video of the Boys showing blood from behind claiming that they have been sodomized here.

“Lies will forever be lives, our record has been straight, those who have been following Kiganda what He is capable of doing and what he can not do,” Bishop Kiganda said.

He went ahead and said that some people have just failed to repent, instead of getting mercy from God so that they leave their bad crimes, they rather find ways of protecting them.

Kiganda said that the accusation started way back 30 years ago and every one to two years there rise a victim who always comes out to say that the pastor has sodomized them.

“That matrix you saw with my name being implicated in them, here is the truth, We have LC 1 Vice chairman a moslem called Jamiru Muwada, I was in my office when the Vice Chairman called me and he said he had been arrested at Old Kampala police by a one money lender though he was hopeful to get out soon ”

He went further and asked him how he had been able to get into a police cell with a phone and the Vice Chairman said that the police officers left him with with phone because he is a leader.

“He told me that in the prison he was arrested in, there were some young men who claimed that pastor Kayanja had arrested them because they went to his church in Lubaga accusing him of less pay”

Bishop Kiganda added that he advised Mr. Jamiru Muwada to contact Pastor Kayanja and Ssempa since they’re the ones who fight homosexuals because he “Kiganda” was fighting the act (Homosexuality) but not individuals, and he said that he only gave him the numbers to the said pastors.

The young men opened up to Pastor Ssenyonga after he decided to fight for them and secured bail for them, but there were two who were arrested after.

“What I only secured during that time from the chairman, was the evidence which the young boys claimed that they belonged to Pastor Kayanja which included audio and video, the truth is I have the videos and audio with me, but if they continue to pursue me, I will release them” Bishop Kiganda said.

“How can I plot with the young men to attack Pastor Kayanja? because I only got information about them when they were already arrested, the dates for when they were arrested are clear, and when these calls were made”.

Bishop Kiganda admitted that he got information about how “those alleged born again” are planning to compromise the moslem man “Vice Chairman” to come out and accuse him and Pastor Ssenyonga.

Bishop Kiganda went ahead and asked Pastor Kayanja to bring the audios of the phone calls and matrix which shows how the young men who were working at his farm in Kiryandongo communicated to them before parading themselves at the Rubaga Cathedral church.

“Let’s not beat around the bush, let that pastor come out and confess that he doesn’t support and practice homosexuality, and that confession should be both in Luganda and English”.

Bishop Kiganda together with the congregation at Christianity Focus Centre prayed for the whole nation and the Pentecostal community to stand firm amidst this wave.

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