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Pastor Bugingo Reignites Beef With MP Betty Nambooze


The lead pastor at House of Prayer, Canaan Land Pastor, Aloysius Bugingo and Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke ‘s longstanding feud has resurfaced , fueled by former’s recent accusations that the latter is always posed by demos.

The feud escalated when Nambooze expressed skepticism about Bugingo’s shooting incident handling and investigation a few months ago, provoking Bugingo’s annoyance.

While addressing his congregation during his weekly lunch services, Bugingo criticized Nambooze’s credibility , citing her previous questionable calim of staged attack on her.

Bugingo further suggested that Nambooze should stop commenting on matters beyond her understanding and focus on self – analysis.

Betty Nambooze ,in the past attacked Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, the Director Salt Media that he wakes up every morning together with his employees to serve Satan.

Nambooze made the allegation while on her Mukono Municipality WhatsApp platform while responding to a news story done by salt media about the repairs and upgrade of water channel in Kikooza, one of the cells in Mukono Municipality.

Betty Nambooze is yet to come to respond to Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s recent sentiments towards her and we shall keep you updated

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