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Blac Youngsta’s Brother’s Suspected Killer Arrested by Memphis Police


Black youngsta’s family is one step closer to getting Justice for the August 2023 murder of his brother as the Memphis Police Department has taken their Prime Suspect into custody according to CBS affiliate W 28-year-old Randy Darnell Ying Jr was arrested on Tuesday night February 13th in a joint effort between mfds fugitive

Team and US Marshals the man who was armed when he was arrested was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment to a bite wound caused by the K9 Officer who ultimately apprehended him he was then transported to Shelby County Jail Ying had been considered a suspect in this case almost immediately following the

Death of tanuel Benson in a shooting at an area BP gas station on August 18th since then he has been wanted on an open warrant for the charges of second deegree murder criminal attempt second deegree murder and a firearm offense the charges were amended from an original single count of second deegree murder

And two counts of attempted second deegree murder police discovered the CMG rapper’s brother unconscious near a Valero BP gas station in South Memphis tanuel was then rushed to Regional 1 hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival black younga spoke out for the first time following the tragedy on

August 20th stating he would make the world pay for what happened and that he is ready for whatever come with this I love you my baby brother rested up he wrote on his Instagram stories I’m going to make the world pay I swear to God nobody’s safe standing over

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Everybody everybody for life I’m ready for whatever come with this it’s okay don’t feel sorry for me I’m not gone feel sorry for nobody only God knows he added gone make sure they feel me I promise life will never be the same but God got me I’m the strongest man in the world

Unfortunately black youngsta isn’t the only CMG artist dealing with the loss of a brother on January 13th label BOS yogatti also saw the life of his brother Anthony big Juke Mims taken in what authorities believe to have been a targeted attack Memphis Police responded to reports of gunfire outside the

Restaurant near Winchester Road around 4:15 p.m. where two men had been shot big Juke one of the victim was swiftly transported to St Francis Hospital where he was later pronounced dead a second unidentified individual transported to the hospital in a private vehicle was later airlifted to Regional

1 Health in Memphis where they remain in critical condition according to TMZ the tragic shooting occurred shortly after the rapper’s older sibling attended a funeral for a friend who he had mourned publicly on social media

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