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Ice Spice Clarifies Producer RIOTUSA’s Sexuality After Fan Inquiry


Ice spice took a moment to clear up any confusion about her in-house producer ryot’s sexuality following a male fan inquiry a fan who goes by the Twitter SLX name of Island Boy shared a screenshot of an unanswered DM he’d sent to Riot with ice on Tuesday February

13th pmo pissing me off he wrote with it seemingly complaining to the Munch rapper about being ignored ice quickly explained why there was no answer he don’t like boys she replied to Island Boy jokingly answered I was hacked with the Marge Simpson hiding meme rusa whose father is famed DJ and radio personality

DJ enough met Ice spice when they were college students at Sunni and is responsible for her breakout hit Munch among many others during a live Q&A in December he revealed that the pair were in the process of cooking up some new heat in the studio fans should know I

Produce and record too so look out for my music he said also look out for new Classics with ice in 2024 we’re working on her debut album as we speak rusa also spoke extensively about working with Nicki Minaj who collaborated with ice spice on Princess Diana and Barbie world Nikki is a legend

Icon she was so cool in person and welcomed me into her creative space Riot recounted when I found out she was getting on Princess Diana I knew it was lit but then finding out about Barbie world with I too I was like no this is New York City while she has yet to

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Deliver a full album I spice kicked off 2023 with her first DP like which contained the hit singles responsible for her meteoric rise to stardom between the music and her looks She’s managed to capture the attention of fans and detractors alike most recently rusa produced I spice’s newest release thank

You the fart which just became her highest charting solo track to date the song debuted at number 37 on the Hot 100 chart as of Saturday February 10th the Bronx made of’s highest charting track overall however is karma which features Taylor Swift and which peaked at number two on the same

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